Australian Christian aid organisations working across the world

Australian Christian aid organisations working across the world
 There are many excellent and under-acknowledged Christian organisations established by Australians or involving Australians. Not only can we assist them, but also by their example they can provide encouragement to us.

There are many excellent and under-acknowledged Christian organisations established by Australians or involving Australians working to improve lives of people right across the world.

A selection of these agencies is listed below.

The listing focuses predominately on aid agencies established by Australian Christians providing assistance to people in every corner of the world.   And of course, right here in Australia, every Christian church will be providing aid in various forms within their respective local communities.

Not only can we assist these organisations, but also by their example they can provide encouragement to us. They can help us build a humble confidence in our Christian faith.

Act for Peace
Act for Peace was founded in 1948 as the aid agency of the Australian Council for the World Council of Churches. Our work has always had an emphasis on international long-term development.

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Australia
ADRA Australia is a Christian, humanitarian agency that creates opportunities, empowers people and shares hope.

Anglican Aid
Our Overseas Development projects seek to express the love and compassion of Christ through working towards the relief of poverty and suffering.

Anglican Board of Mission (ABM)
Founded in Sydney in 1850 ABM is working alongside Partners in Australia and overseas, through two major programs – Evangelism and Church Support, and Community Development. ABM strives to develop and provide for the spiritual, social and material needs of local people amongst very diverse communities throughout the world.

Asian Aid
Believing that all children are precious to God: “Asian Aid is called to empower believers in Jesus to address the causes of physical and spiritual poverty amongst disadvantaged communities.”

Assemblies of God in Australia World Relief
Provides community programs, emergency aid for disadvantaged and poor especially children, primarily overseas.

Australian Catholic Anti-Slavery Network (ACAN)
ACAN participating entities action against modern slavery is fundamental Catholic Social Teaching.   ACAN is at the forefront of efforts to eradicate modern slavery both nationally and globally.

Australian Heart Ministries
Educate a wide cross section of the general public about the important work done by Australian Christian aid agencies through a travelling African aid expo.

Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS)
ALWS is providing significant support to development programs in Cambodia, Mozambique and Nepal.

Australian Relief and Mercy Services (ARMS)
ARMS is the Mercy Ministries arm of Youth With A Mission Australia and is dedicated to reaching out to the poor and the needy of the world wherever they may be found. ARMS runs mercy ministries projects both within Australia and overseas.

Baptist World Aid Australia
Baptist World Aid Australia works with partners overseas to provide education, life skills, health care, safe water, agriculture and emergency relief.

Beirut Relief Fund
On 4 August 2020, a massive explosion in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, shook a nation already in political, economic and pandemic turmoil. Beirut Relief Fund enables you to donate in order to provide support for those affected by this tragedy.

Caritas Australia
Caritas Australia will work towards the creation of a world that God desires to be just and compassionate. Caritas will work for the freedom of those who are oppressed by injustice, bringing ‘sight’ to both those who are powerless.

CBM Australia
CBM is an independent Christian development organisation dedicated to preventing and curing blindness. And also to the education and rehabilitation of people who are blind or have other disabilities.

Christian Nationals’ Evangelism Council – WorldShare
We exist to support our local Christian partners in developing regions, with their vision to bring ongoing spiritual, physical and social transformation to their own people.

Christian World Service (CWS)
CWS is the international humanitarian and development agency of the National Council of Churches in Australia working in 22 countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific, as well as in Australia, on 44 programs to break down the structures which create poverty, oppression, injustice and division.

Compassion Australia
Compassion is a Christian ministry working in partnership with local churches in developing countries and sponsors worldwide, to help some of the world’s poorest children and their families.

Deaf Ministries International
Bringing aid and a message of hope to the deaf around the world.

Door of Hope (DOHA)
DOHA is a child-focused, non government organisation established to help alleviate the suffering caused by poverty, in developing nations. The name comes from a book in the Bible called Hosea, chapter 2 verse 15: ‘…And make a valley of Achor (literally means trouble) to be a door of hope.’

Ken and Jocelyn Elliott
Dr Elliott and his wife Jocelyn have spent the past 44 years earning no wage at a hospital they built in the landlocked West ­African country of Burkina Faso.

Every Home for Christ
Every Home for Christ is a non government organisation working in over 80 countries around the world, providing under privileged people with opportunity.

Feed The Hungry Australia
Feed The Hungry is a non-profit Christian mission organisation dedicated to feeding the hungry around the world and reaching those in desperate need.

Global Aid Network (GAiN)
Global Aid Network (GAiN) demonstrates the love of God by revealing hope and restoring life through relief and development projects for people in crises and poverty.

Global Care
Global Care is the “social justice” and disaster relief arm of Christian Outreach Centre.  For some 15 years, Global Care has helped devastated communities worldwide to rebuild and reconnect, and has done it by practical help at the ground level.

Global Mission Partners
Global Mission Partners (GMP) has been investing in life-changing partnerships with churches, individuals and communities both overseas and within Australia for over 125 years.

Grace ministries – Australia
Grace ministries is involved in poverty relief, education for the poor, the disadvantaged and the oppressed in India.

Habitat for Humanity (Australia)
Demonstrating God’s love in action by working in partnership with people in need, from all walks of life to build simple, decent and affordable homes; and to strengthen local communities in Australia and throughout the world.

We are an international organisation dedicated to the recovery of women and children who have endured extreme abuses. We are working to see communities free and healed from the trauma of human trafficking, slavery and abuse.

International Christian Aid Relief Enterprises (ICARE) was established in 1982, as a non-denominational Christian humanitarian non-profit organisation.

International Nepal Fellowship (INF)
INF is involved in health and development work with Nepal’s government, non-government organisations and local communities. The work is an expression of Christian compassion and evidence of God’s grace.

Interserve Australia
Interserve is all about making Christ known across cultures by word and action in countries where otherwise He wouldn’t be known. By placing Christians with skills in these areas to serve individuals, churches and communities with holistic care, they are being real salt and light of this world.

Kids Outreach International (KOI)
KOI was founded in Australia in 1998 and is an international interdenominational Christian charity and humanitarian aid organisation dedicated to improving the lot of children throughout the world, particularly focusing on the emerging nations of Eastern Europe and West Asia, and other economically distressed nations.

The Leprosy Mission Australia
To minister in the name of Jesus Christ to the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of individuals and communities disadvantaged by leprosy, working with them to uphold human dignity and eradicate leprosy.

Margaret Court Community Outreach (MCCO)
MCCO was founded and established in 1999 by Australian Tennis Champion Margaret Court. What started out as a humble attempt to feed the homeless on the Perth streets has now become one of the largest stand alone food distribution centres in Perth, Western Australia.

Marist Mission Centre (MMC)
MMC assists development projects for poverty alleviation in countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Our special care for the alienated, marginalised and dispossessed bring us into regular contact with the young.

MECO Australia
The mission of MECO (Middle East Christian Outreach) is to support Middle East Christians in sharing the love of Jesus Christ. This support includes prayer, example, service, partnering with churches, training and development, and encouraging church planting.

Melbourne Overseas Missions (MOM)
MOM – an outreach of the Catholic Church – provides funding, material goods and volunteer personnel countries for programs in education, training, literacy, health, village development, water supply, emergency relief.

Mercy Christian Children’s Ministries International (MCCMI)
MCCMI was established to care for orphans and abandoned children in Ogango-Kisumu, Kenya. Working with the philosophy that if everyone did just a small bit to help, a big difference could be made in the numbers of orphaned children.

Mercy Ships
Mercy Ships is committed to alleviating human suffering and distress by bringing world-class medical and community services to the world’s forgotten poor, empowering them to fulfil their God-given potential.

Mercy Works
Mercy Works supports the local and overseas relief and development activities that are part of the vision and mission of the Sisters of Mercy of Australia. The programs engage in partnerships with communities to promote justice and self-reliance, and support displaced people and communities who are denied access to basic resources such as education, health care and social welfare.

Micah Challenge
The Micah Challenge has been developed by the Micah Network and the World Evangelical Alliance in response to a groundswell among evangelical Christian churches wanting to contribute at all levels to the alleviation of poverty and to greater justice for poor communities.

Mission Australia
Mission Australia is a non-denominational Christian organisation with a vision to spread the love of God and meet human need.

Mission Without Borders
Mission Without Borders is an international Christian organisation, dedicated to serving the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those suffering the effects of poverty or persecution in Eastern Europe.

Mothers’ Union
We are a mission agency of the Anglican Church of Australia and part of the worldwide Mothers’ Union with links to 84 countries and over four million members who share one heartfelt vision – to bring about a world where God’s love is shown through prayer and loving, respectful and flourishing relationships.

Mukti Australia
God’s heart for the poor
We are motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ and by His heart for the poor, the oppressed and the marginalised.

Open Doors
Open Doors exists to strengthen and empower Christians who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus.

Operation Christmas Child
Operation Christmas Child is a unique ministry of Samaritan’s Purse which brings Christmas joy, packed in gift-filled shoe boxes, to children around the world.

Operation Mobilisation
Relief Development and Justice, an OM Australia Inc. initiative, seeks to assist the poor and marginalised through sustainable projects and crisis relief.

Opportunity International – Australia
Motivated by Jesus Christ’s call to serve the poor – without regard to race, ethnicity or religious affiliation with a strategy to create jobs, stimulate business and strengthen communities among the poor.

Overseas mission board – Australian Churches of Christ
The Churches of Christ in Australia seeks to reach other nations with Christ’s love through education, medical assistance, disaster relief, aid work, welfare and evangelism.

Palms Australia
Palms Australia is involved in various countries within Africa, Asia, and the Pacific. Its policies are built on justice, peace and integrity of creation values as expressed in Catholic Social Teaching.

Philippines Emergency Relief Appeal
The objective of the Philippines Emergency Relief Appeal is assist the people of Cebu, Philippines who lived in the Pier 4 Shanty town area following a fire which destroyed their housing.

Rapid Relief Team
Rapid Relief Team is an Australian relief and aid charity that volunteers in many events in Australia, England, USA and Canada supporting disaster victims by providing shelter, food, drink and other necessary aid to help people through their tragic experiences.

Redeemer Ministries
Redeemer Ministries was born with the aim to free families from a life of slavery in the brick kilns of Pakistan.

Riverview Children’s Foundation
The Mission of the Riverview Children’s Foundation is to promote and support projects that reduce suffering and provide options for forgotten children in crisis, globally.

Salvation Army
The Salvation Army operates an international network of services caring for the homeless, poverty-stricken, and underprivileged in 108 countries of the world.

Samaritan’s Purse (Australia)
Samaritan’s Purse is a non-profit, Christian organisation providing emergency relief and development assistance to suffering people around the world.

Second Wind Network
MissionSeek is a ministry of Missions Interlink, the Australian network for global mission. Through Missions Interlink, organisations collaborate to support and assist Australian Christians to be effectively engaged in cross-cultural and global mission.

SIM Australia
Our missionaries and partners implement projects to evangelise the lost, equip local believers and demonstrate compassion through aid and development.

St Joseph’s Australian-Peruvian Mission Associates Fund
Working in Peru with people of varying ages and circumstances: prisoners, families, women, children and youth with an aim to help each person realise her/his own potential and to promote leadership qualities.

TEAR Australia
Christian action with the world’s poor. TEAR Australia is supporting the development and relief work of 94 partner organisations in 25 countries. Priority is given to those programs that strive to involve the most marginalized and exploited members of each community, regardless of their religious or political beliefs.

Transform Aid International
Transform Aid is a space for churches, denominations and agencies to come together to end poverty through community development work and advocacy with Christian Partners in Asia, Africa and the Pacific.

Transform Cambodia
At Transform, we seek out and rescue the most vulnerable and neglected street children of Phnom Penh.

United Aboriginal Ministry (UAM)
With over 100 years of continuous missionary activity to the indigenous peoples of Australia, UAM has been at the forefront of Australian missionary endeavour and has established a reputation for its concern for both the physical and spiritual welfare for the Aboriginal people.

UnitingWorld connects people and church communities in Australia, the Pacific, Asia and Africa to partner in God’s mission: overcoming poverty and enabling discipleship and faith-filled action.

Urban Neighbours of Hope (UNOH)
Urban Neighbours of Hope values living out God’s priority for those facing poverty.

Watoto Child Care Ministries (Australia)
The mission of Watoto Child Care Ministries is to raise the next generation of Ugandan leaders by placing parentless children in families where the necessary love, care, spiritual discipleship and physical needs are provided.

World Vision (Australia)
World Vision aims to share and demonstrate the love and compassion that Jesus extended to all people – especially to those suffering from poverty, oppression or injustice.

YWAM Medical Ships
YWAM Medical Ships is a Christian charity that aims to care, connect, serve and build with communities. YWAM Medical Ships values individuals’ rights to quality of life.

The world’s top-10 Christian charities

Christian humanitarian aid

Four of Australia’s top five charities are Christian

8 Impactful Christian Organisations Helping to Make a Difference
Further Australian organisation-listings and issues for your consideration – note the numbers of organisations established by Christians.

The role of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID)
The Code of Conduct for Australian aid and development agencies, administered by ACFID.
Signatories to the Code of Conduct

The Australian Government AusAID
Information on Australia’s bilateral and regional programs in those countries with which Australia has a development partnership.

Australian charities working internationally.

Five major Australian aid organisations established by Christians

Faith-based development: How Christian organisations can make a difference
International development work is a largely secular discipline that distances itself from faith concerns; even many faith-based groups seem to go out of their way to minimize the relationship between their religious convictions and their work. Secular groups often see faith-based agencies as “irritating marginal players” in the global development scene. But what if much of the value of these groups is exactly the result of that sense of religious mission? Contrary to popular perception, church organizations have long been major players in international development work, and that many of these organizations do take the relationship between their work and the faith that underpins it very seriously. Instead of apologizing for their faith roots and expression, they should celebrate them and recognize the value they bring to every development enterprise, secular or not.
Influential Australian Christians depicted on Australian notes and coins


More Australian Christian Aid Agencies

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  3. The Mission Seek ( ) website which is a ministry of Missions Interlink (Australian network for global mission) was recently relaunched. (Currently you have listed under SecondWind above). Around 50 Australian mission organisations are listing over 1,300 missionary opportunities and short term trips on Mission Seek.

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  7. Here is a lot of Australian Christian aid organisations giving social welfare aid right around the world. This is an activity we can be proud of.
    is this also working here in Pakistan?

  8. Thank you so much, May Our God continue his supplies, I am also from Association of Humanitarian Group, a christian base corporation in Liberia

  9. What about Samaritan’s Purse? or Transform Cambodia? Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of mission organisations?

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