The Bushman’s Companion

The Bushman’s Companion
The ‘Bushman’s Companion’ was a small volume composed mainly by John Flynn for the benefit of outback residents; first published in 1910; contained sections on first aid, bible readings, funeral service, calendar, etc.

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During his Bible College training at Ormond College, Flynn was a Home Missionary in an inner city suburb of Melbourne. He was not a good student of Greek or Hebrew, but was good at gathering dozens of slum children under the sound of the gospel and providing them with healthy activities and Sunday School. His studies at college were only a means to an end; his heart responded to the call to the harvest field, already over-ripe.

Shearer’s missions were conducted in 1909-1910 throughout Victoria, where he travelled from shed to shed, preaching, yarning, counselling – a man’s man who was direct with God’s word and able to be a “mate” to those who needed one. At this time his journalistic abilities were used to produce the “Bushman’s Companion”; the answer to a need for a combination of Scripture portions, funeral service, children’s service, hymns, prayers, first aid and other helpful selections for bush dwellers. This little volume went all over the Inland, where no minister ever was seen, or church had been built. During the second Shearers’ Mission he was able to distribute two thousand “Bushman’s Companions”.

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