Hermannsburg Mission

Hermannsburg Mission
In 2017 Hermannsburg Mission celebrates its 140th anniversary in the 500th year of the Lutheran Church, it continues the tradition of holding open air bush camps with indigenous pastors.

In 2017 Hermannsburg Mission celebrates its 140th anniversary in the 500th year of the Lutheran Church, it continues the tradition of holding open air bush camps with indigenous pastors.

Hermannsburg in Google Maps

Hermannsburg, located about 130km west of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, was the first central Australian town. In the latter half of the 19th century, German Lutheran missionaries travelled from South Australia to the region to set up a mission for Aborigines. The Hermannsburg Mission became the longest-running Christian mission in Australia that operated as a separate Aboriginal settlement. It reflects the way similarly remote bush missions in central Australia operated and the impact of Luthern missionaries on the lives of Aborigines.

Hermannsburg, Northern Territory

Carl Strehlow – Hermannsburg
– and

Albert Namatjira – Hermannsburg

History of Hermannsburg

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Associates of the Rev John Flynn

The Choirmaster
Morris Stuart is a charismatic choir director bringing the sacred sounds of the Central Australian desert to the world.
Over a decade ago, the retired pastor was in Central Australia, supporting his artist wife who was on an extended painting trip. He wandered down Alice Spring’s central mall recruiting for a choir.
Within a year he’d moulded 50 amateurs into a top-notch choir.
When word of Morris’s magic spread to the Aboriginal community, the Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir was born.
And so began an unlikely and inspiring trip from the Red Centre to the cathedrals of Germany.

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