National Christian Heritage Sunday – the first Sunday in February each year

National Christian Heritage Sunday
The annual celebration is held on the first Sunday in February (Sunday 26 January 2020  ) each year. Celebrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ arriving on our shores with Richard Johnson’s First Service on Australian Soil.

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Sunday 26 January 2020 will be the 232nd anniversary of the first known Christian Service on Australian soil by the Rev Richard Johnson the First Fleet’s Chaplain on 3rd Feb 1788.

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and for 2018

Leigh Hatcher (Sydney’s Hope 103.2 FM Open House program) and Associate Professor Stuart Piggin talk on the History of Christianity in Australia.   Stuart has written a new book on this subject.

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3 thoughts on “National Christian Heritage Sunday – the first Sunday in February each year”

  1. The teachings of Christ go a lot deeper in Australian society than most people would be aware. Even those who consider themselves atheists or agnostics would give any man “A Fair Go”. We do consider ourselves as “Our Brother’s Keeper”. Dead Aussie soldiers in graves all over the world are mute testament to our willingness to risk our lives for others in trouble. Generally, Aussies pay their taxes and pay their own way, “Rendering unto Caesar, that which is Caesar’s”. The presumption of innocence in Australian Courts until proven guilty is just an extension of the “Judge not lest ye be Judged” in scripture. I have found after about 50 years in business that when an Aussie “Shakes hands on a deal”, the Agreement is as solid as a rock. However, many Aussies fail when it comes to swearing or taking the Lord’s Name in vain, and would hate to be thought of as “a Wowser”. The cowardly murder of innocents in a public place by Muslim Extremists (as in Bali), or humiliation of Aussie women (as at Cronulla) will not find acceptance in Australia. For Islam Jihadists to mistake Aussie generosity for weakness would be a grave mistake. Ours is a Christian country, perhaps not overtly, it’s in our blood, like it or lump it.

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