Israel Folau

Israel Folau  (1989 – ) Rugby player
While so many of our elites condemned Folau – as would be fully expected – a number of secular voices have rallied to his defence.

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Peter and Jenny Stokes

Peter and Jenny Stokes – Salt Shakers
Peter and Jenny Stikes started the ministry of Salt Shakers in Australia in 1994 after fighting against a gambling venue being established in their local shopping centre.

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David Hurley

David Hurley (1953 – ) Governor-General-designate of Australia
The young officer had been drawn away from his upbringing in the Church of England by the temptations of Army life. But he found his mind being refocused when he began preparing to marry Linda, a committed Presbyterian.

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Brian Booth

Brian Booth (1933 – ) cricketer

Brian Booth MBE: photo by Ramon Williams ( )

A committed Christian, Booth is an Anglican lay-preacher, and often invokes religious and ethical arguments while talking about issues such as sportsmanship. He co-authored Cricket and Christianity. In 1998 he wrote Sport and sportsmanship: a Christian perspective towards 2000 for the Australian Christian Forum on Education.

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Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor ( – ) an advocate against political correctness
As a result of his defence of Christian values, Bernard Gaynor has been dismissed from his Defence Force position and has incurred $200,000 in legal costs fighting what have been termed frivolous cases against him. He and his family have been forced to change their address.

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Bill Muehlenberg 

Bill Muehlenberg (1953 – ) writer, teacher, speaker, cultural commentator and activist
Bill Muehlenberg is the author of various books. He has also written well over 4000 articles and book reviews. He is a spokesman for the Family Council of Victoria, and has been a part-time lecturer in theology and ethics at various theological colleges.

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