John Howard

John Howard (1939 – ) former Prime Minister
His faith certainly had an impact on his worldview and although he was quiet about it, it was an earnest faith and it certainly shaped his understanding.

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Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison (1968 – ) Prime Minister
Morrison was raised in the Presbyterian Church of Australia, which partly merged into the Uniting Church when he was a child. He later became a Pentecostal, and now attends the Horizon Church, which is affiliated with the Australian Christian Churches and the Assemblies of God.

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David Hurley

David Hurley (1953 – ) Governor-General-designate of Australia
The young officer had been drawn away from his upbringing in the Church of England by the temptations of Army life. But he found his mind being refocused when he began preparing to marry Linda, a committed Presbyterian.

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Brian Booth

Brian Booth (1933 – ) cricketer

Brian Booth MBE: photo by Ramon Williams

A committed Christian, Booth is an Anglican lay-preacher, and often invokes religious and ethical arguments while talking about issues such as sportsmanship. He co-authored Cricket and Christianity. In 1998 he wrote Sport and sportsmanship: a Christian perspective towards 2000 for the Australian Christian Forum on Education.

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