Kevin Donnelly

Kevin Donnelly (1952 – ) educator, author, commentator
Kevin Donnelly has been awarded the Member of the Order of Australia “for significant service to education as a researcher and author, to national curriculum development, and to professional organisations”

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Mark Durie

Mark Durie (1958 – ) pastor and scholar in linguistics and theology
Mark Durie is a pastor and academic. He writes and speaks on a wide range of topics which include the connection between faith and culture, freedom of religion, the persecution of religious minorities, particularly non-Muslims living under the Islamic sharia, the origin and history of Islam, and disciplining new Christians.

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Jim Wallace

Jim Wallace ( – ) lobbyist
Brigadier (ret.) Jim Wallace AM was the Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, one of Australia’s fastest growing political organisations, which aims to see Christian values better acknowledged in the way we are governed, do business and relate as a community.

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George Pell

George Pell (1941 – ) Cardinal
“I hold no ill will toward my accuser, I do not want my acquittal to add to the hurt and bitterness so many feel; there is certainly hurt and bitterness enough. However my trial was not a referendum on the Catholic Church; nor a referendum on how church authorities in Australia dealt with the crime of paedophilia in the church. The point was whether I had committed these awful crimes, and I did not”.

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Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison (1968 – ) Prime Minister
Morrison was raised in the Presbyterian Church of Australia, which partly merged into the Uniting Church when he was a child. He later became a Pentecostal, and now attends the Horizon Church, which is affiliated with the Australian Christian Churches and the Assemblies of God.

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Brian Booth

Brian Booth (1933 – ) cricketer

Brian Booth MBE: photo by Ramon Williams

A committed Christian, Booth is an Anglican lay-preacher, and often invokes religious and ethical arguments while talking about issues such as sportsmanship. He co-authored Cricket and Christianity. In 1998 he wrote Sport and sportsmanship: a Christian perspective towards 2000 for the Australian Christian Forum on Education.

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Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor ( – ) an advocate against political correctness
As a result of his defence of Christian values, Bernard Gaynor has been dismissed from his Defence Force position and has incurred $200,000 in legal costs fighting what have been termed frivolous cases against him. He and his family have been forced to change their address.

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Bill Muehlenberg 

Bill Muehlenberg (1953 – ) writer, teacher, speaker, cultural commentator and activist
Bill Muehlenberg is the author of various books. He has also written well over 4000 articles and book reviews. He is a spokesman for the Family Council of Victoria, and has been a part-time lecturer in theology and ethics at various theological colleges.

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David and Roslyn Phillips

David and Roslyn Phillips ( – )  heroes of  faith
They’re two well known heroes of the Christian faith in Australia who’ve faced all sorts of criticism in their public stand for righteousness.  For over 40 years Dr David and Roslyn Phillips have led an unremitting, relentless struggle against social and spiritual erosion in our society and it’s cost them dearly.

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