Alfred Traeger

Alfred Traeger (1895 – 1980) inventor of the pedal radio
A faithful Christian, electronic tinkerer and scientific inventor, Hermann Alfred Traeger, gave the Outback, and the Royal Flying Doctor service, a way of fast contact via the innovative local sustainable technology of the Pedal-Powered Wireless which he invented.

Alfred Traeger, engineer, was born on 2 August 1895 at Glenlee, Dimboola, Victoria, eldest son of Johann Hermann Traeger, farmer, and his wife Louisa, née Zerna, both South Australian born. His German grandparents had migrated to South Australia in 1848 and his father returned there with his family in 1902.

A curious, patient, precise child, at 12 Alfred made a telephone receiver and transmitted between the toolshed and his house. He attended Balaklava Public School and the Martin Luther School before spending two years at technical high school. From 1912 he studied mechanical and electrical engineering at the South Australian School of Mines and Industries (associate diploma, 1915).

He worked for the Metropolitan Tramways Trust and the Postmaster-General’s Department. In World War I he was angered that his application to join the Australian Flying Corps was refused, even though his grandparents had been naturalized. About 1923 Traeger joined Hannan Bros Ltd in Adelaide, handling their car generator and electrical repairs. Intrigued by radio, he obtained an amateur operator’s licence and built his first pedal transmitter-receiver, later forming Traeger Transceivers Pty Ltd.

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On Australia’s $20 note -beside John Flynn – also shown  are – the aerial ambulance, H V McKay, the man on the camel, Coledge Harland, as well as the pedal radio invented by Alfred Traeger.

Traeger Street, Canberra suburb of Dunlop
Alfred Traeger
Born: 1895 Died: 1980
Born at Glenlee, Dimboola, Victoria; worked for John Flynn from 1926 when Flynn was planning his Australian Inland Mission Aerial Medical Service for remote communities; invented the pedal wireless; when the first pedal sets had been introduced in Queensland in 1929, the invention created a communications revolution by diminishing the loneliness of the inland; invented a typewriter Morse keyboard, 1933; appointed OBE in 1944; continued inventing: he designed a turbine-driven car and used solar power to convert salt water to fresh water.
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John Flynn (1880 – 1951) Presbyterian minister

J Atcheson Spalding ( – 1970) Flying doctor

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