John Morgan

John Morgan (1909 – 2008) Australian Army, Chaplain General
The Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn, Mark Coleridge, said Morgan’s “courage and devotion to duty as a military chaplain were legendary, as was the depth of his Christian faith”.

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Remote access scams

Remote access scams, also known as technical support scams

While this not a Christian heritage issue – other than it demonstrates how our society is moving from the values established by that heritage.
It is presented as a warning.

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The Christian foundations of ANZAC Day

The Christian foundations of ANZAC Day
It is generally believed that the Anzacs were an irreligious group. However, many of the men found comfort in scripture, prayer and song—and the mateship of faith of those who trusted in God. This story unearths the forgotten stories of the faith of Anzac soldiers, stories of genuine heroism, faith and courage.

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