“If you cross this line, you won’t be able to defend it”

“If you cross this line, you won’t be able to defend it”
In 2012: Some opponents of gay marriage raised the spectre of the “slippery slope” . “That’s a totally logical argument,” says Jim Wallace of ACL, “If you cross this line, you won’t be able to defend it.”

In 2012:

Some opponents of gay marriage raised the spectre of the “slippery slope” . “That’s a totally logical argument,” says Jim Wallace of ACL, “If you cross this line, you won’t be able to defend it.”


In 2021  (9 years later):

At women’s football – Trans-woman Hannah (Callum) Mouncey, at 188 cm (6ft 2ins ) and 100 kg

Within other women’s sport


At the Sydney Mardi Gras – Pup Pride and children https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:4_Pup_Pride_Sydney_Gay_and_Lesbian_Mardi_Gras_2016.jpg


Many articles on gender-confused children by Professor of Pediatrics John Whitehall


If you are confused by the new ‘gender-options’, this diagram, might clarify it for you.

Or if you prefer descriptive definitions, below are 58 ‘gender-options’.

Keeping mind, ‘gender-options’ are not to be confused with ‘sexual-orientation’ >  LGBTIQA+

Beyond this, there are the gender-pronouns (some compulsory) including  ‘Hir’, ‘Zer’, Zim, Them, They etc – click here or here.

However, there are four (4) important caveats:

1.  despite genders LGBTIQA+  being fluid, you can not move to gender-H(etrosexual) with the potential for a jail term.

Martyn Iles:
How shall we live with bad laws.

2.  there is an anomaly in the above ‘gender-options’ diagram, as the terms ‘Females’ and ‘Males’ are no longer permitted.

3.  to minimise the possibility of offence, any word containing the letter-combination, ‘m e n’ has to be repeated to include the letter-combination, ‘w o m e n’.

4.    the exclusion-demand (of Caveat 2), contradicts the inclusion-demand (of Caveat 3). 

Finally clarifying – in pictorial form – the man is on the left and the woman is on the right.



A simple question which no one can answer. https://www.binary.org.au/your_question_to_the_minister

At children’s libraries – Drag Queens reading to children

A drag queen responds to ‘drag queen story book hour’

Happy Mothers’ Day to all “chest-feeders”

Lyle Shelton – Three years from the same sex marriage vote the consequences are biting

You WILL Be Silenced!
The militants seeking to destroy Lyle Shelton are coming after all of us:

Lyle Shelton has raised concerns about the above and is now facing the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal


Kirralie Smith –  ‘Binary’  – is an organisation concerned with the role that gender plays in our society. We affirm the fact that gender is binary.   ( BTW   If I call myself a man or a woman who can say that I am not? ).

Love is love Legalize incest now


The Catholic Archbishop of Hobart, Julian Porteous published the Catholic position on marriage which generated this response.

Freedom of Religion

We remember, prior to the Marriage Postal Plebisite – all four panelists on ‘our taxpayer-funded, ABC Insiders’ program applauded and cheered Tim Minchin singing, ‘I still call Australia homophobic’. (video on YouTube).  That insulting song clarifies:

1.   the Left’s view of 4.8 million Australians

2.  the absolute hypocrasy of the YouTube Community Standards.

Peter Allen composer of ‘I still call Australia home’.


Tasmanian Senator Clair Chandler – advocating for fairness and safety in women’s sport, and for the retention of female-only spaces and services

A Taxpayer-Funded War on Taxpayers’ Free Speech
Senator Claire Chandler

Queensland doctors raise concerns about transgender surgery for kids

Canberra radio newsreader Beth Rep told to pay transgender activist Bridget Clinch $10,000 compensation for discrimination

Athletics great Jane Flemming says transgender athletes shouldn’t be allowed to compete in women’s sport.

ACL  How to compassionately resolve gender identity issues

Kevin Donnelly: Truth is the first casualty of the gender wars

How you can stand up to the transgender agenda
Senator Amanda Stoker
When you get to the heart of the transgender debate, you realise that you and I are being expected to abandon objective truth. For too long now, the left has told you what you can and cannot say, the time for action is now.

Meanwhile, in the US
Joe Biden says 8 year old children should be given authority to choose to be transgender

From Babylon Bee : Biden Orders Surgeon General’s Warnings Placed On All Biology Textbooks

Women are human
We believe the gender identity ideology movement dehumanizes women and girls.
https://www.womenarehuman.com/ and https://www.the11thhourblog.com/

The revolt against Transgenderism
by Feminists (TERFs) and Lesbians (GetTheLOut).
Then there is Jessica Yaniv.

The End of Women’s Sport
– If you support LGBTIQA+, how do you justify this?




* God created two genders, man and woman.
* God created man with XY chromosomes in each of his 37.2 trillion cells.
* God created woman with XX chromosomes in each of her 37.2 trillion cells.
* Man says, no, there are 58 genders.

For this reason God gave them up.  Romans 1:18-32

A tribute to marriage

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