Freedom of religion

The pioneer Australian Christians listed on this website helped create, some fought for, Australia with its freedoms for religion. This freedom is now under threat.

In an adult, civil society:
1. Every person is entitled to his or her beliefs.
2. If a person’s belief differs from your belief – respond by ignoring or debating.
3. If a person’s belief leads to physical action against another person – respond within the law.
* Even in cases of ‘coercion of others’, rules 2 and 3 are still relevant.

It is appropriate that Australia has legislation relating to ACTIONS.
However any legislation to protect BELIEFS is fraught with problems.
If BELIEFS are legislated for (or enforced), there are implications for the following:

Think Israel Folau etc etc. Jordan Peterson’s video is an example of trying to impose trans-BELIEFS:  Heated debate on gender pronouns and free speech in Toronto

As per society required to embrace Halal, Sharia, etc. Muslims are further demanding ACTION protections / legislation for their BELIEFS.
Augusto Zimmermann has written on this and the latest lobbying of the Prime Minister by Australia’s Grand Mufti Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed for Islamic protections:
Islam’s Crusade Against Free Speech

As per society-embracing Smoking ceremonies, climbing Ayres Rock / Uluru etc. Aboriginals will further demand ACTION protection for their BELIEFS.


Specifically – Israel Folau

It is a spiritual battle
* Ephesians
* Romans 1:18-32
* Jesus and marriage
* The Bible verse Folau quoted which RA deemed as homophobic
* There is a need to pray > 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, Philippians 4:6-7, Luke 18:1, 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Matthew 26:41, Luke 6:12-13.

Issues relating to precedents
* As a legal precedent, the Court of Appeal of Victoria upheld an appeal (in a parallel case – Daniel Scot and Daniel Nalliah ) which resulted in affirming the universal right to, “robustly debate religion including the right to criticise the religious belief of another, in a free, open and democratic society“.
– In Latin: Quid enim quia bonum goose, quia bonum enim gander.

Issues relating to LGBTQ & health
* LGBTQ and health and here
* LGBTQ and mental health and here and here
* Chromosomes XX, XY click here and here
* The male-female complementarity.

Issues relating to LGBTQ & children
LGBTQ can’t procreate. Have to recruit.
* Drag queens with children A gender-confused person raising issues about gender-confusion:
* Mardi gras and children and with children also here
* Pride marches with children
* Children in drag
* Children in rainbow families, without biological parents.

Issues relating to LGBTQ & concerns
* Concerns and issues.
– with much of the “research proves” – suspect.
An anagram for: ‘LGBTQA+58GENDERS is ‘CHAOS’ – bit like this.
* ‘Everything is ‘fluid’ – however you are prohibited (particularly children) in going from CHAOS to M or F.

Issues related to LGBTQ & intersex
* Intersex is a very rare medically discernible congenital condition, with (I) often added to the LGBTQ acronym to ‘enhance its legitimacy’ or as a ‘gotcha’ issue. Refer here.

Issues relating to LGBTQ & Islam
* Bible > we all are sinners, repentance is offered, with the theological response (described in the future tense) being heaven or hell.

* Qur’an > the ‘Ummah‘ (society) response to LGBTQ, is proscribed in the present tense necessitating immediate action, with any criticism of Islam deemed as Islamophobic.

Israel Folau

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