Influential Australian Christians depicted on Australian notes and coins

Caroline Chisholm, Edith Cowan, Edward Dunlop, Matthew Flinders, John Flynn, Coledge Harland, Mary Lee, Mary MacKillop, Mary Reibey, Catherine Spence, George Taplin, John Tebbutt and David Unaipon


Caroline Chisholm $5 paper note
The $5 note :

Edith Cowan $50 note

Edward Dunlop 50 cent coin, 1995

Matthew Flinders Ten shilling note  – then 50 cent coin, 1998 Coin at :


John Flynn $20 note

Coledge Harland $20 note (pictured riding camel)

Mary Lee $5 commemorative coin, 1994

Mary MacKillop One dollar uncirculated coin, 2008
The one dollar coin :

Nellie Melba $100 note – her father, David Mitchell

Mary Reibey $20 note

Catherine Spence $5 note early design
The $5 note :

George Taplin $50 note (his church is shown behind David Unaipon in the above image)

John Tebbutt $100 note
The $100 paper note :

David Unaipon $50 note  (his image is shown above)

Queen Elizabeth II $5 note and obverse of coins – another (all be it English) Christian


Note also the story behind the aerial-ambulance aircraft, designation VH-UER, featured on the $20 note :

Do you know that many people you meet are likely to have a picture of this church in their pocket ?

For more information, on the notes above :

Current Banknotes in Circulation :

For more information on the coins above :

List of people on stamps of Australia :

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One thought on “Influential Australian Christians depicted on Australian notes and coins”

  1. George Taplin did not build the church, this is show in his own personal diary entries. It was actually built by William Mchughes the first aboriginal stone mason.

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