Douglas Nicholls

Pastor Sir Douglas Nicholls (1906 – 1988 ) pastor, athlete, footballer, governor
Pastor Sir Douglas Nicholl was born in Cumeroogunga, near the Murray River in New South Wales, and was Australia’s first Aboriginal state governor. He was excellent at sport and played football for Fitzroy and Victoria. He was just as good at running and boxing. His great uncle, William Cooper, was an important Aboriginal leader.

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Louis Bandt

Louis (Lewis) Bandt (1910 – 1987) vehicle manufacturer
bandt1Louis (Lewis) Bandt was a motor vehicle engineer who designed and built the world’s first ‘coupe utility’ aka the ‘ute’. Bandt was a charity worker and, from childhood, a committed member of the Methodist (later Uniting) Church. He was an accomplished artist who painted Ford’s nativity scene at Christmas.

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Joseph Orton

Joseph Orton (1795 – 1842) Wesleyan Methodist missionary
In his book, The Illustrated History of Methodism, Colwell says “It is cause for constant regret that justice has not been done to this good man’s memory; and that the great work he did for Methodism has never been set before the public. This should be done, if for no other reason than that the Methodists of today may know in some measure, if not in full, what the pioneer missionaries endured.

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Hugh Victor McKay

Hugh Victor (HV) McKay (1865 – 1926) manufacturer
Hugh Victor (HV) McKay, inventor and manufacturer of the Sunshine Harvester was ahead of his time in looking after the needs of his workers. He instigated a system of pensions and retirement plans, a sick-pay and accident fund, generous holiday leave, and a personal loan scheme.

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Lachlan Macquarie

Major-General Lachlan Macquarie (1762-1824) governor
Governor-Macquarie Macquarie was a conservative disciplinarian who believed, in the words of the historian Manning Clark, that the Protestant religion and British institutions were indispensable both for liberty and for a high material civilisation. Macquarie made it clear that he had a vision for Australia’s future. He ordered the construction of roads, bridges, wharves, churches and public buildings.

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John Barber

John Barber (1873 – 1958) Presbyterian minister
In November 1909 John Barber was joined by John Flynn as an assistant to the shearers’ mission which Barber had founded. The two shared an interest in the inland and Barber helped Flynn to write his Bushman’s Companion. When Flynn, now with the Australian Inland Mission, began his campaign for a wireless service and flying doctor scheme, Barber took up the cause.

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