Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher (1862 – 1928) prime minister
Andrew Fisher, became the first Labor Prime Minister in Australia to lead a majority Government. Fisher’s faith shaped his commitment to lasting social reforms, like the age pension and compensation for injured workers.

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Fredrick Cato

Fredrick Cato (1858 – 1935) grocer and philanthropist
Fredrick Cato donated many scholarships to Church schools and gave extensive properties to the Methodist Ladies’ College of which he was a trustee from 1927. He supported the Methodist Boys’ Home and Training Farm, Cheltenham, was active in home-mission affairs, and was a generous donor to Methodist missions in Arnhem Land, New Britain and India, which he visited in 1926.

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Una Porter

Una Porter (1900 – 1996) psychiatrist, philanthropist
Una Porter (née Cato) was a renowned psychiatrist, philanthropist and devotee of the Methodist Church in Melbourne, Victoria. She was the first female member of staff at Ballarat Mental Hospital in 1946. In 1963 she was elected World President of the YWCA and travelled extensively.

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Sulina Sutherland

Sulina Sutherland (1839 – 1909) nurse and child welfare worker
Sulina Sutherland was fearless in her search for children in back streets and alleyways, brothels and gambling houses, going in perfect safety, recognizable in her ‘no-nonsense’ habit of firmly fitting coat and skirt, mannish hat and umbrella. Although only of average height, her dignity and confidence gave her undeniable authority.

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Mary MacKillop

Mary MacKillop (1842 – 1909) Catholic religious sister
On January 15, 1842 Mary MacKillop was born of Scottish parents, Alexander MacKillop and Flora MacDonald in Fitzroy, Victoria. This was less than seven years after Faulkner sailed up the Yarra, when Elizabeth Street was a deep gully and Lonsdale Street was still virgin bush. A plaque in the footpath now marks the place of her birth in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

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