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The Inlander

The Inlander – a quarterly magazine and The Inlanders – a documentary film


The aircraft VH-UER was used for general aviation until 1928 when it was refurbished for use as the first air ambulance for the Australian Inland Mission (AIM)

Australian Inland Mission

In 1912, the Presbyterian Church General Assembly of Australia established the Australian Inland Mission, with John Flynn as its Superintendent.

Northern Territory and Central Australia: A call to the church

When Flynn’s report, entitled Northern Territory and Central Australia – A Call to the Church, was presented to the Presbyterian Church, it responded promptly by announcing the formation of the Australian Inland Mission (AIM).

Red Cross

The Red Cross came into being at the initiative of a man named Henry Dunant. Dunant grew up during the period of religious awakening known as the Réveil, and at age 18 he joined the Geneva Society for Alms giving.

Fellowship of First Fleeters

The Fellowship is an organisation composed of descendants of those who arrived in Sydney Cove with the First Fleet on 26 January 1788.

Wesley Mission

Wesley Mission has its origins in the first Methodist Church established in Sydney in 1812. Wesley Mission has a real mission – to minister to a community with real needs.

The earliest church music in the colony

On the 3 February 1788 the first Divine Service was held in Australia and to mark the anniversary we hear a lost tradition of grass-roots sacred music that may have been amongst the earliest church music heard in the colony.

Little Sisters of Mary

They arrived to form part of a very young church.

Australian chaplains at war

Australian chaplains at war

Australia’s first Catholic Mass, 15 May 1803

The first publicly sanctioned Catholic Mass – on May 15, 1803 – was a signal event as an act of emancipation for Catholic worshippers. And by the time it happened the colony had about 1700 of them.

The Christian foundations of Australia

Anglican Yorkshireman James Cook (1728-79) went to sea from Whitby. This is the very place where the godly Hilda had operated the famous Proto-Protestant Culdee Christian College, back in A.D. 660.

Why Australia’s Christian heritage matters

Too many Australian academics and commentators tend to downplay or deride Christianity’s vital contribution to our nation.

National Christian Heritage Sunday – the first Sunday in February each year

National Christian Heritage Sunday The annual celebration will be the first Sunday in February each year. Celebrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ arriving on our shores with Richard Johnson’s First Service on Australian Soil.

Male Orphan School and the Female Orphan School

The Male Orphan School Orphanage was established by Governor Lachlan Macquarie, where destitute boys were housed and educated until they turned 15. Governor Macquarie laid the foundation stone for the Female Orphan School in 1813.

An Australian church with a story

An Australian church with a story The church, which is located at Point McLeay, South Australia, can be viewed from the street view via Google Maps. It is located on the corner of Seymour St and Unaipon St via Whereis.com.

Australian Christian History

The Christian History Research Website contains many online books of Christian history in Australia and South Pacific. There are also several indexes and a search engine to help find material.

The Bushman’s Companion

The ‘Bushman’s Companion’ was a small volume composed mainly by John Flynn for the benefit of outback residents; first published in 1910; contained sections on first aid, bible readings, funeral service, calendar, etc.

The Australian Mutual Provident Society (AMP)

The AMP was a new form of self-help, and it is not surprising that its founders and early directors were commonly evangelical Christians. Its historian, Geoffrey Blainey, has said that its Australia-wide impact

Fathers of influential Australian politicians

Kim Beazley Sr, Frank Crean, Clem Hawke, James Menzies, Harry Whitlam

Influential Australian Christians depicted on Australian notes and coins

Caroline Chisholm, Edith Cowan, Edward Dunlop, Matthew Flinders, John Flynn, Coledge Harland, Mary Lee, Mary MacKillop, Mary Reibey, Catherine Spence, George Taplin, John Tebbutt and David Unaipon

Do you know that many people you meet are likely to have a picture of this Australian church in their pocket ?

Do you know that many people you meet are likely to have a picture of this Australian church in their pocket ?

Influential Australian aboriginal Christians

Neville Bonner William Cooper Jimmy Little William Naden Albert Namatjira Douglas Nicholls James Unaipon David Unaipon Ronnie Williams Norah Wilson

The white-anting of Australia’s Christian heritage

For your consideration Question: What is happening to Australia’s Christian heritage ? Answer: It is being white-anted.

Lists of Australian churches

List of Australian churches

Further listings of Influential Australian Christians

Search the Australian Anglican historical documents and images Search the Australian Biographical Dictionary by Christian ‘Religious Influence’ Search on Australian Christian Martyrs Search the Australian On-line tributes Search Baptists in Australia Search the Christian foundations of Australia Search the Christian

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus.

Arnott’s SAO biscuit

It is thought that the name of the popular biscuit by Arnotts, SAO, stands for ‘Salvation Army Officer’. This theory arose from the fact that Arthur Arnott, one of five sons of William Arnott (company founder)

The Australian National Anthem

It is important that we know Australia’s national anthem and for this reason it is reproduced below.

Telling untold stories

Telling untold stories Address given by Associate Professor Stuart Piggin, 29 October 2005 at the ACL Conference, Values: Building a Nation of Character.

William Wilberforce, the Clapham Cabinet, and ‘Liberating the Captives’ in Australia

William Wilberforce, the Clapham Cabinet, and ‘Liberating the Captives’ in Australia. Public Lecture by Associate Professor Stuart Piggin given on 26 March 2007 at Parliament House, Canberra.

The Benevolent Society of New South Wales

The first objective of The Benevolent Society of New South Wales was : To relieve the Poor, the Distressed, the Aged, the Infirm and thereby discountenance, as much as possible, Mendacity and Vagrancy, and to encourage industrious habits.

Religion on Australian commercial radio from the 1920s to the 1960s

This article examines the first forty years of religious broadcasting on commercial radio in Australia, a subject largely neglected by historians of Australian religion and the media.

National Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Australia

The WCTU Mission Statement: To promote a drug-free lifestyle and Christian values in the home and community.


A strong argument can be made that Christians in voluntary associations have done more good for the world than all its governments put together. One such association is the YMCA.

The Hope Vale mission

The Immanuel Lutheran Synod in South Australia supported work amongst the Guugu Yimidhirr people by sending CA Meyer, George Schwarz and Wilhelm Poland. Elim became known as Hope Valley, and later Hope Vale (or Hopevale).

Australian Christian aid organisations working across the world

There are many excellent and under-acknowledged Christian organisations established by Australians or involving Australians. Not only can we assist them, but also by their example they can provide encouragement to us.

Grandmother’s ‘monster’ role opened door to vote

The year was 1891 and Norman Wright’s grandmother was in the thick of things. A founding member of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Victoria, Margaret McLean was a teetotaller, a mother to many, and a teacher.

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