James Japanma “Jibanyama”

James Japanma “Jibanyama” (1902-1962)  aboriginal leader and evangelist
In 1941 James Japanma was able to engage in itinerant evangelism at the cattle stations surrounding Roper River Mission. He was an avid reader and could recite huge slabs of the Bible by heart.

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Tim Costello

Tim Costello (1955 – ) Chief Advocate of World Vision Australia
Tim Costello continues to place social justice and global poverty on the national agenda. Serving as Chief Executive of World Vision Australia for the 13 years.

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Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison (1968 – ) Prime Minister
Morrison was raised in the Presbyterian Church of Australia, which partly merged into the Uniting Church when he was a child. He later became a Pentecostal, and now attends the Horizon Church, which is affiliated with the Australian Christian Churches and the Assemblies of God.

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