Howard Quinlan

Howard Quinlan (1931 – 2019) transport and freight specialist
Dr Howard Quinlan, with an initial background in geography, was a passionate advocate for Australian rail and for freight transport. He was a committed Anglican.

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Australian Catholic schools

Australian Catholic schools
As of 2018, one in five Australian students attend Catholic schools. There are over 1,700 Catholic schools in Australia with more than 750,000 students enrolled, employing almost 60,000 teachers.

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Shirley Coleen Smith (Mum Shirl)

Shirley Coleen Smith (Mum Shirl) (1921 – 1998) social worker and humanitarian activist
Better known as Mum Shirl, was a prominent Wiradjuri woman, social worker and humanitarian activist committed to justice and welfare of Aboriginal Australians. She was a founding member of the Aboriginal Legal Service, the Aboriginal Medical Service, the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, the Aboriginal Children’s Service and the Aboriginal Housing Company in Redfern.

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David Garland

David Garland (1864 – 1934) the architect of ANZAC day
Garland was given the difficult task of creating the format for a service that would be acceptable to the various religious, military, government, business and community groups. He carefully selected hymns, odes and poems that would be acceptable to the wide variety of parties and included the minute’s silence.

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