Bush church aid society

Bush church aid society
The Bush Church Aid Society of Australia has a heart for people living in remote and regional Australia.

The Bush Church Aid Society of Australia has a heart for people living in remote and regional Australia. We are committed to going the distance to reach Australia for Christ.
Under God, we do this by
* proclaiming Christ so that people may respond to Him;
* nurturing Christians in their faith and ministry;
* strengthening local Christian communities in their mission;
* providing services of Christian care and advocacy;
* developing an understanding of Christ’s mission and
* promoting active partnership throughout the church.

Our core commitments are
* relying on prayer for God’s help and the Holy Spirit’s guidance;
* trusting in the vision, wisdom, authority and encouragement of Scripture;
* working in humility, servanthood and fellowship with the church in mission;
* developing interdependent relationships with Diocesan Bishops;
* providing pastoral care and professional development for staff and
* responsibly managing our resources.

We are Going the Distance by
* bringing the gospel of Christ to the outermost parts of Australia – We are committed to sending messengers so that all Australians, no matter where they live and work, are able to hear the life-changing message of Christ.
* developing a new generation of culturally diverse Christian leaders – We are committed to engaging young people, discipling them in the faith and encouraging them in ministry so they can lead others to Christ.
* supporting ministry by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people – We are committed to working with our first peoples so they can serve Christ in ways that are Biblically faithful and culturally appropriate.
* planting and renewing sustainable churches – We are committed to establishing vibrant and outward-looking gatherings of Christ’s people.
* equipping local leaders for fruitful ministry – We are committed to supporting Christians ‘on the ground’ so they can be salt and light for Christ.
* providing care in Christ’s Name – We are committed to serving hurting people in times of crisis and through ongoing Christ-centred pastoral care.


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