Howard Quinlan

Howard Quinlan (1931 – 2019) transport and freight specialist
Dr Howard Quinlan, with an initial background in geography, was a passionate advocate for Australian rail and for freight transport. He was a committed Anglican.

Some publications by Dr Howard Quinlan
* Contribution of railways to Australia’s total transport situation
* The geography of Australian internal air passenger services, March 1967, and supplement, A geographer’s approach to the problem of the future of the Australian two-airline policy, November 1968
* Route-kilometre statistics tracing the evolution of Australian public railways to 30 June 1997
* The changing role of Sydney in Australia’s air transport
* Index to bulletins of the Australian Railway Historical Society 1937-1987
* A bibliography of Australian railway and tramway literature
* Timetables as a source of statistical data : the example of Australian internal air passenger services
* Australian railway routes 1854 to 2000

A bibliography of Australian railway and tramway literature
compiled by Howard Quinlan

Australian Railway Routes 1854-2000
Edited by Howard Quinlan

Developing database of nationwide freight flows for Australia
US Transportation Research Record

Australian Railway Historical Society: Australian railway history 2011 – 2016   (various contributions)

Our Diocesan ‘Clergy and Parish Database Project’
Research and publication by Howard Quinlan
Details of the procedures involved in compiling the Clergy and Parish Database Project initiated by the Anglican Historical Society of the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn are presented. Examples are presented to highlight the manner in which the Database provides information on the service history of all clergy who have ministered in the Diocese, along with a list of each parish of the names of clergy involved in the ministry.;dn=142636376595541;res=IELHSS;type=pdf

Life Membership Award to Howard and Valerie Quinlan
Anglican Historical Society Journal;dn=092141024485819;res=IELHSS;type=pdf
Dr Howard Quinlan. (27 January 1931 – 4 June 2019) Died peacefully at Canberra Aged Care Lyneham. Beloved husband of Valerie for 64 years. Beloved father and father-in-law of Stephanie and Brian, David and Anna, Wendy and Klaus, Judy and Wayne. Proud grandfather of Thomas, Stephen, Geraldine, Patricia and Benjamin. Proud great-grandfather of Andrew. Loved brother and brother-in-law of Neroli and Roger Merridew and uncle of Jonathan.;

A tribute to Dr Howard Quinlan
Australian Railways History

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