Israel Folau

Israel Folau  (1989 – ) Rugby player
While so many of our elites condemned Folau – as would be fully expected – a number of secular voices have rallied to his defence.

On Thursday all hell broke loose (no pun intended) when star rugby player Israel Folau said that hell is real and unrepentant sinners end up there. By simply quoting from Scripture all the usual suspects came out to attack him ferociously.

So on that day I penned three articles about the situation. The next three days I was interstate giving a number of talks, so my pen (or keyboard) fell silent. Those of you who might have wondered if I died or something can be relieved to know that I am still alive and now back on my computer.

I had thought that those three articles on Folau were sufficient, but it looks like the fallout from all this continues to bubble along wildly with no sign of letting up. So it seems that another piece or two is required on this matter. But by way of background, let me offer the previous three pieces that I wrote on this:

While so many of our elites condemned Folau – as would be fully expected – a number of secular voices have rallied to his defence. People like Chris Kenny, Alan Jones, and Andrew Bolt for example came to his defence. They all know that this is a witch-hunt and just more erosion of free speech, even if they may not go along with Folau’s religious viewpoints.

Articles above by – Bill Muehlenberg

Israel Folau’s sacking and the right to freedom of expression

Who is causing youth-suicide Fitzsimons or Folau

Rugby Australia takes Shorten’s Road to Oblivion in Hellish Folau Saga
Alan Jones The Australian 24 May 2019
Those running Rugby Australia have become the Bill Shortens of sport — talking a self-indulgent game, buoyed by their army of media apologists but dramatically removed from reality. I suppose, though, if you only talk to yourself, you will always enjoy full support. But if Rugby Australia, like Bill Shorten, cared to talk to the battlers and strugglers and volunteers about the Israel Folau fiasco, they might learn how far off the mark they are as they stare into a Rugby abyss. I have written several stories for this newspaper. They have enjoyed almost three million “views”. If you add the responses to those on my Facebook page, the total of comments is almost 50,000.
. . . .
Perhaps the final word belongs to another member of the rugby family, one of the many ignored fans. “Why does a guy who, with a punch, breaks another’s jaw get banned for six weeks and a guy who says something that others don’t like gets banned for life? I know there is a lot of power in words but this is ridiculous.”

Amen to that, if I’m allowed to say that. Alan Jones

Israel Folau  Wikipedia
Maria Folau Wikipedia

Religious Freedom – How you can support Israel Folau

A tribute to Marriage 
Israel Folau and Maria Folau

Freedom of religion

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