Peter and Jenny Stokes

Peter and Jenny Stokes – Salt Shakers
Peter and Jenny Stikes started the ministry of Salt Shakers in Australia in 1994 after fighting against a gambling venue being established in their local shopping centre.

Peter and Jenny  started the ministry of Salt Shakers in Australia in 1994 after fighting against a gambling venue being established in their local shopping centre.

Their aim is to help Christians make a difference by informing them of issues affecting the church and community and motivating them to take action.

Our children deserve to have something to look forward to, that’s why Salt Shakers is dedicated to helping Christians understand the times and equipping them to be salt and light by upholding Biblical values and by being more aware of the ethical issues affecting our society.

This evening allow me to acknowledge the owner of our Nation – the God of the Bible.

And it is appropriate we do so as we give thanks for Salk Shakers inspirational work for those that helped found, drive and promote Salt Shakers for two decades – and especially Peter and Jenny Stokes.

In a society seemingly desperate to renounce the roots of its rich and rewarding culture, Salt Shakers stands out as a beacon reminding us that the freedom and wealth we enjoy as a society – as a Nation – is not because we are a “lucky country” but because we are blessed – blessed by our Judeo-Christian roots and foundations.

As Salt Shakers (the organisation) winds down I trust that we, as individuals at this dinner, will take the opportunity to reassess ourselves and ask “What can I do to be the salt that is desperately needed? Can I be more active on Facebook, Twitter, letters to the Editor, braver in discussions with my family, friends and work mates? Do people know what I believe and why?”

Salt Shakers and its personnel give us a role model to emulate.

A model which proclaims the Gospel fearlessly in truth and love. Even in circumstances where one is howled down and indeed shut down by people who are the self-appointed purveyors of tolerance.

The Christian faith which Salt Shakers proclaims is the same world view on which our Nation was built – as was the rest of the Western World – you know that part of the world which is allegedly horrifically bigoted, intolerant and worthy of ridicule and loathing by most of our commentariat – yet surprisingly is the destination of choice for people fleeing communism, fascism, ISIL and poverty.

The indisputable positive impact of Christianity on our world has been well and truly documented and that is why it’s worth fighting for.
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