John Gore

John Gore (1846 – 1931) Salvation Army officer
On 3 September 1867 John Gore was converted at a Christian mission conducted by ‘General’ William Booth. For two years he helped Booth in the mission which in 1878 became known as the Salvation Army. In 1870 Gore married Sarah Simpson and in April 1878 they arrived with three children at Adelaide in the Clyde.

In 1880 Gore met Edward Saunders, who had been a member of Booth’s mission and had arrived in Adelaide in 1879. They decided to hold meetings on Booth’s lines and next evening preached in the notorious Light Square. They were abused by the mob but continued to preach. Convinced that the effort was worthwhile, they wrote to Booth asking him to send officers ‘as fast as fire and steam can bring them’.

Encouraged by Booth, Gore and Saunders decided to hold their first official Salvationist meeting on Sunday, 5 September, at the open forum in Botanic Park. The meeting was successful and barracks were soon built at the corner of Hindley and Morphett Streets. In February 1881 when two Salvation Army officers arrived, sixty-eight converts and supporters marched to the port to greet them. Their numbers increased and by 1882 the Salvationists had started in Sydney.

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