Clifford Wilson

Clifford Wilson (1923 – 2012) archaeologist, educator, psychologist, author
Over 40 years have passed since I first became professionally involved in biblical archaeology and my commitment to the Bible as the world’s greatest history book is firmly settled. As Psalm 119:89 states, “Forever O Lord, your word is established in heaven.”

Dr Clifford A Wilson (10th May 1923 – 4th April 2012) missionary, archaeologist, pastor, educator, psychologist, public speaker, author

Educational Qualifications and Recognition
* Bachelor of Arts (1951), Master of Arts in Education (1958), Bachelor of Divinity (1968), Doctor of Philosophy in Education, with a major in psycholinguistics (1972), Master of Religious Education (1986).

* ‘Outstanding Educator of America’ in 1971

* Fellow of the Commercial Education Society of Australia

* Member of the Australian Psychological Society and the American Psychological Association.

Summary of various career pathways
* Wartime Service – Cliff served his country in World War II in the Military Forces from October 20, 1941, to December 11, 1942, and as a seaman in the Royal Australian Navy from December 10, 1942, to January 16, 1946. He later assisted with prisoner-of-war repatriation at Ambon.

* Acting Principal for two years of Clarence High School (a mission-run school) in Bangalore, India

* Founding Principal of Emmaus Bible College in Sydney in 1953.

* A lecturer with the Australian Institute of Archaeology from 1954.

* A Senior Lecturer at Melbourne Bible Institute from 1961-1968.

* Director of the Australian Institute of Archaeology from 1967-1970.

* In 1969, Cliff was an Area Supervisor of excavations at Gezer, Israel, sponsored by the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.

* Professor of Early Childhood Education at the University of South Carolina.

* Professor of Old Testament and Archaeology at Columbia Bible College in Columbia, South Carolina .

* Founding Editor of the archaeological magazine Bible and Spade in 1972.

* Director, Word of Truth Productions – as well as literature this included many 15-minute programs for radio called Stones Cry Out.

* Following the popularity of Chariots of the Gods, Erich von Däniken’s argument that aliens had been visiting Earth throughout history, Cliff Wilson wrote Crash go the Chariots in 1972. It became an international best seller. This was followed by many other books on the theme of extra-terrestrials, along with a few responding to other themes in popular culture, such as his 1974 book, Crash goes The Exorcist! Where The Exorcist Failed.

* Senior Lecturer in Education and Psycholinguistics at Monash University from 1973 – 1980.

* Involved with archaeological excavations at Khirbet Nisya in 1979. At Ninevah he found a pathway between the palace of King Sennacherib and the temple. The path had an inscription saying that it was dedicated to the goddess Esagilla.

* Ordained Baptist minister, serving at three Baptist churches in the suburbs of Melbourne. He also did pastoral work in the United States.

* Founder of the Pacific College of Graduate Studies in 1980- its aim was to provide distance education for missionaries.

* Joined the Associates for Biblical Research dig team in 1996 at Khirbet el-Maqatir, in Israel.

* In later years he was Associate Editor of the Christian newspaper `New Life`.

Dr Wilson also authored or co-authored a few books on language, including The Language Gap and Monkeys Will Never Talk, or Will They?, highlighting the differences between humans and animals.

Many of Cliff Wilson’s books were small volumes designed for the mass market. Others were pictorial books on the archaeology of the Bible lands. However, there was also a 17-volume The A.B.C. of Biblical Archaeology Archaeology … the Bible and Christ. A Survey.

Dr Cliff Wilson once said: “Over 40 years have passed since I first became professionally involved in biblical archaeology and my commitment to the Bible as the world’s greatest history book is firmly settled. As Psalm 119:89 states, `Forever O Lord, your word is established in heaven`.”

General sources

• Archaeologist Confirms Creation and the Bible

• Does Archaeology Support the Bible?

• Gods Creating Gods

• Remembering Clifford Wilson

• Clifford Wilson’s Life’s Work Takes Pride Of Place At Kingsley College

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