Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor ( – ) an advocate against political correctness
As a result of his defence of Christian values, Bernard Gaynor has been dismissed from his Defence Force position and has incurred $200,000 in legal costs fighting what have been termed frivolous cases against him. He and his family have been forced to change their address.

Bernard Gaynor is a conservative Catholic who has the courage to speak up when politically-correct totalitarianism demands silence.

He is deeply interested in the loss of values in modern society and its impact on all aspects of life – particularly politics – and he is prepared to break all boundaries of political correctness to get his point across.

With a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture (including three deployments to Iraq with the Australian Army) he is also critical of modern thinking and quick to defend Australia’s way of life.

As a married father of seven children, he is an advocate for family values that work; the protection of children and all life; and the preservation of Australian society from those who would replace its Christian heritage.

In defending Christian values, Bernard Gaynor has been dismissed from his Defence Force position and has incurred $200,000 in legal costs fighting what have been termed frivolous cases against him. He and his family have been forced to change their address.

Australia At War Against Christianity – Bernard Gaynor
In the last three or four years we’ve seen numerous churches burnt down especially in Victoria. Bernard included the churches vandalised during the marriage campaign, supporters threatened, an attack on the Australian Christian Lobby headquarters, and people losing their jobs. This is all because we believe in marriage between a man and a woman. This was occurring before the law was changed so there is definitely an attack on Christian thought in Australia. We need to have the courage and the strength to stand up and defend our values.

Mr Gaynor, a conservative blogger, has so far been the ­subject of about 36 homosexual vilification or victimisation complaints lodged by Mr Burns with the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board, resulting in at least 18 NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal cases, and litigation in the NSW Local Court, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court. He has spent more than $200,000 fending off the legal complaints and has been forced to sell his house.

Miranda Live: Bernard Gaynor says PC activists have almost ‘ruined me financially
A former Army officer who was sacked over his criticism of the ADF’s participation in a mardi gras parade says “vexatious” legal action from PC activists is ruining him financially.

Bernard Gaynor served three tours of the Middle East.

Bernard Gaynor has been embroiled in a legal battle with the Defence Force since his 2013 dismissal and told Miranda Live he has also been hit with dozens of anti-discrimination cases by activists.


Miranda Live with Bernard Gaynor >> audio

Bernard Gaynor’s current position:

Congratulations Bernard Gaynor, winner of Free Speech Coalition award last night

When I wrote to you two days ago I felt that I was in a very difficult place.
But today I have some welcome news.
Today it was resolved to dismiss Garry Burn’s defamation proceeding against me. I was not expecting that this would occur and it is a relief to have achieved this before Christmas.
It means that this matter is over and I have been able to successfully defend myself against his claim. However, he is continuing with his ongoing anti-discrimination complaints against me.
The proceedings revolved around two comments left by third parties on my Facebook page. I deleted those comments in May when I became aware of them. I have posted a statement on my Facebook page about this and the necessity for those leaving comments not to make any adverse statements about other people.
Furthermore, as a result of the dismissal of these proceedings I will be reinstating my webpage. It will include my original article about Garry Burns following my victory in the High Court of Australia. However this may take some time as I will use the opportunity over Christmas to plan for 2019.
Please let me know any ideas you may have.
Thank you once again for your generosity, support and prayers. Those prayers have been unexpectedly answered.
Thank you also for the many emails I have received over the last few days. I have read most of them but have only been able to respond to a few. I am well aware that a number of you have raised other abuses of the justice system with me. At this stage I honestly don’t know how to address the problems that have been raised.
However, I am grateful beyond words for your encouragement. So is my wife. We are just one small part of a much larger team.
Kind regards,

Bernard Gaynor
Christus Rex!

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