The Pocket Testament League, Australia

The Pocket Testament League, Australia
The Pocket Testament League (PTL) is a world-wide Christian organisation which distributes printed copies of the Gospels. The PTL came to Melbourne in 1909 prior to the start of a four month Australian campaign.

The Pocket Testament League was founded in 1893 by a teenage girl named Helen Cadbury (from the Cadbury Chocolate family), as a means of winning her classmates to Christ. In 1904, Helen married American evangelist Charles McCallon Alexander, who officially organised the League with Dr. J. Wilbur Chapman in Philadelphia, in March 1908. Alexander had been associated with the prominent evangelist Dwight L. Moody and his experience in worldwide evangelism gave huge impetus to the League. In 1914, The Pocket Testament League opened an office in London, England, and began sharing Gospels as part of its First World War outreach. In October, a campaign gave out 400,000 New Testaments to soldiers.

It was begun in Melbourne, in 1909 when Mr Charles McCallon Alexander, Mr Davis and Dr Chapman held a four month Australian campaign. Mr Davis, who spoke, said “We want the League to spread all over the land. It will bring the greatest revival this Commonwealth has ever known.” It did spread like wildfire throughout Australia and across the world with thousands coming to know Jesus Christ”.

The Pocket Testament League Australia

Pocket Testament League Campaign in Victoria – 1922

The history of the Pocket Testament League of Australia
2014, English, Book, Illustrated edition:
A history that spans approximately 100 years. Over 20 people have contributed to the writing of this history. It begins with the Helen Cadbury story and contains 19 chapters about Presidents Evangelists National Directors Field Officers and others. The booklet is just over 100 pages long, printed in A4 size with wire coil binding

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