David and Roslyn Phillips

David and Roslyn Phillips ( – )  heroes of  faith
They’re two well known heroes of the Christian faith in Australia who’ve faced all sorts of criticism in their public stand for righteousness.  For over 40 years Dr David and Roslyn Phillips have led an unremitting, relentless struggle against social and spiritual erosion in our society and it’s cost them dearly.

They’re two well known heroes of the Christian faith in Australia who’ve faced all sorts of criticism in their public stand for righteousness.

For over 40 years Dr David and Roslyn Phillips have led an unremitting, relentless struggle against social and spiritual erosion in our society and it’s cost them dearly.

They’ve paid a high price monetarily, professionally, emotionally and socially.

Dr David Phillips is the national director of Family Voice Australia and was a principle research scientist for many years with the commonwealth government. And Roslyn Phillips is a national research officer with Family Voice.

Both have been heavily involved with the Festival of Light going back to the ‘seventies’.

Ros is co-editor of the national magazine ‘Vox Point’ that’s won ten awards from the Australasian Religious Press Association.Document access: Subscriber, Member
It was their insights into several issues past and present that had listeners riveted to Vision Radio’s 20Twenty program recently.

First up David said that with their retirement imminent, he and Ros would be passing the Family Voice baton on to new leadership.

“Family Voice of course will continue. We have new leadership coming in December when we step down. It’s been a large part of our lives,” David lamented, before confirming their Christian lives and their concern for the nation would continue.

Ros also mentioned other activities they’d be involved in once the retirement portion of their lives kicks in.

“We do have fifteen grandchildren that I fear we have not been spending enough time with. There’s all sorts of other things that have been neglected that we’d like to get around to doing. So it’ll be a time to do those things,” Roslyn said.

New leadership for FamilyVoice Australia
FamilyVoice Governing Board Chairman Dr Stuart Robinson announced today that FamilyVoice National Director, Dr David Phillips, will retire in December when Ashley Saunders takes over the national director’s role.

“David and his wife Roslyn have led FamilyVoice, previously known as Festival of Light, for over 40 years,” Dr Robinson said. “Under their guidance during the past 14 years in particular, the South Australian branch has grown into today’s national organisation with active branches in all states supported by a strong national office team in Adelaide.”

“In 2002 God gave me a vision for rebuilding what is now FamilyVoice into an Australia-wide Christian ministry for family, faith and freedom,” Dr Phillips said. “By His grace, that vision has now been fulfilled. But every leader needs to hand on the baton – and for Ros and me, that time has come. We believe that God has given Ashley Saunders the gifts he will need to lead FamilyVoice into the future.

“Ashley is married to Lindsay and they have four children. He has uniquely relevant experience in law, politics and Christian ministry. He began his career as a solicitor and partner in a law firm, later serving as an alderman in local government and on the NSW State Executive of one of the major political parties. After training for the Christian ministry he has served as senior pastor in two Baptist churches. He comes to this ministry with a sense of God’s calling to be a Christian voice promoting true family values in society.”

Dr Phillips will retire on Sunday 4 December, the day before Ashley begins. David will be available to offer advice and encouragement during the initial period as Ashley takes up the reins.

“Ros and I hope to be able to spend more time with our family among other things,” Dr Phillips said. “But don’t be surprised if we occasionally express a Christian view on important current issues facing our nation.”

Endeavour Forum

FamilyVoice Australia

Babette Francis
An article by Roslyn Phillips
New gay parenting study queried
Mrs Roslyn Phillips, BSc DipEd National Research Officer FamilyVoice Australia
“An interim report on a new research led by Dr Simon Crouch of Melbourne University, purporting to show benefits from gay parenting, raises more questions than answers,” FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips said today. “Does Dr Crouch have an agenda?” Ros Phillips asked. “His interim report is extremely brief, but his obvious conflict of interest should have been declared. “Moreover, it appears that the gay parents in his study were volunteers, mostly recruited from gay and lesbian venues and advertisements in the gay and lesbian media. The parents would have known that their answers to the survey questions would have the potential for promoting the political campaign for same-sex marriage.

“This is not valid methodology,” Mrs Phillips said. “It is the same type of flawed research used in other gay parenting studies, such as that published by Gartrell and Bos in 2010 – where lesbian couples with donor-conceived children were recruited from gay and lesbian venues and reported on their own children’s progress. The parents were overwhelmingly Caucasian; two thirds were college-educated and 85% were in professional or managerial positions – unlike the control group.” Ros Phillips said a review of 59 gay parenting studies, such as those cited by the Australian Medical Association to support claims that children raised in such families suffer no disadvantage, found that all had serious design flaws including small samples, invalid or no controls, and self-reporting. “The Crouch study has similar flaws,” Ros Phillips said. “It does not prove anything.”

Further commentary on the above gay parenting study:
https://billmuehlenberg.com/2014/07/09/and-they-call-this-research/ http://www.thepublicdiscourse.com/2014/07/13451/

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