John Anderson

John Anderson (1956 – ) Former Deputy Prime Minister
John Anderson as a politician of deep Christian conviction and integrity, served Australia faithfully in the House of Representatives from 1989 as the National Party member for Gwydir. He was a Howard government minister and Deputy Prime Minister from 1999 until his resignation in June 2005.

John Anderson – Conversations

“Former National Party leader John Anderson on why the public should get a vote on same-sex marriage. For one, Parliament has lost its moral authority to make such a profound change”. Listen, because it’s now rare to hear such an adult contribution to the debate. ***

“I didn’t come from a church-going family but when I was a teenager I had a teacher at school who was in my opinion a man’s man, someone whom I liked and respected and someone who was a Christian and I asked him one night what he believed and why. I came away convinced of the truth of the gospel. To be honest I backslid pretty quickly from that initial conversion, but at university I was studying the history of our culture and I came to the view that secular humanism is not just empty, its actually frighteningly empty. When you look at what mankind has done, they’ve tried without God or deliberately excluding God to create a perfect society on earth according to their view. The results have been horrendous and disastrous and I felt that I could not live without a relationship, without knowing who was in control, without there being anyone in control, so I felt that I had to return to my faith. The most outstanding example, of course, is the horrors when we try to create what we think is a perfect society on Earth. The Second World War was secular humanism at its worst. Fascism said there is no God, we’re not accountable to anybody higher, we’ll try and create what they said the Third Reich was and by the way we will just slaughter millions and millions and in fact it ended up being 60 million people on the way through. Man without God to me is a terrifying prospect, personally and collectively”.

“I’ve often thought to myself, it’s awful when tragedy strikes ” like in my case, my sister’s death ” but there’s no doubt it’s often through deep personal suffering and trauma that you’re brought to your senses and made to realise that you need answers to life. It’s not enough just to say we’re some sort of glorified ape wandering through life on a planet out of control. So in that sense it probably saved me from myself.”

Former Deputy Prime Minister-John Anderson Conversion Story, Part 1, 2 & 3

Mr Anderson challenged the Christian media to recognise what some secular writers already have. “Just as our economic success and our democratic freedoms had their origins in belief systems, it’s the collapse of those belief systems, the abandonment of them, even the mocking of them, that is proving to be our undoing. In other words, we’re a Christian society. That’s where our freedoms came from.”

Christians In A Hostile West? Interview With A Deputy Prime Minister
The Erasing of Our Christian Heritage
First, we have faced an unbelievably aggressive push against Christianity from the intellectual and media elite. And this has been aided by the extraordinary way in which the same people (but not only the same people) have been able to strip away any real understanding of our cultural roots.

Winston Churchill wrote that any society that doesn’t hand its history on – specifically referring to its religious beliefs and heroes – is a culture that effectively condemns its cultural roots, and moves away from them. He went on to say this leads young people open to Karl Marx’s dictum, that a people who do not know their history are very easily led.

I would cite one simple example.

The greatest human rights movement of all time – the banning of the European slave trade – wasn’t led by Enlightenment figures, who regarded slavery as the natural order of things. (They also regarded woman as inferior beings. Extraordinar]y, that’s not known either.)

It was the Evangelicals who saw that every individual had worth and dignity, and that slavery, far from being justified by the Bible, had to be abolished. The White man couldn’t look down on another man simply because he wasn’t white, let alone own him as slaves. But all that’s been expunged from the historical narrative.

Instead, we have another narrative that says the Christians have been anti-science, have been anti-intellectuals, they’ve justified keeping slaves, keeping people in oppression, and treating women as second class citizens. None of this narrative stands up to close scrutiny.

John Anderson – Wikipedia

Podcast: Conversations with John Anderson

Former National Party Leader John Anderson – Some home truths

John Howard

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A tribute to marriage
John Anderson and Julia Anderson



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