Mathew Hale

Mathew Hale (1811 – 1895) Anglican bishop

Anglican Bishop Hale was widely seen a social and educational pioneer, noted for advocating the protection of Australia’s Aborigines.




Book title: The Good Bishop
ISBN: 9781925046533
Author: Michael Gourlay

Australian historical memory should not forget Mathew Blagden Hale,whose generosity of spirit and openness to the needs of all classes of people earned him the title of ‘the good bishop’.

The 200th anniversary of the birth of Mathew Blagden Hale, second Anglican Bishop of Brisbane, fell on 18 June 2011. This book is a much expanded version of an address given by the author at the Mathew Hale Public Library on 9 June 2011. It gives an overview of Hale’s life and work and provides an understanding as to why the Mathew Hale Public Library Trust has been created in Brisbane.

Critique, by The Most Revd Dr Philip L Freier, Archbishop of Melbourne
Matthew Hale lived in a world that is so different from ours in many ways. Even so, present day Christians have much to learn from him as he faced the challenges of his own day. Personal tragedy and professional disappointment were part of his life and ministry in which he nonetheless continued pioneering Christian work in a new country. I have seen his bronze sculpted figure on the threshold of the school he founded on St George’s Terrace in Perth. This book will fill out his life to the reader with even more texture and vitality. I hope that your better understanding of Mathew Hale’s life and times will encourage you to also better understand the purpose and presence of Jesus Christ whom Hale followed as the Lord of life.

Hale School
Hale Road,  Wembley Downs, WA
Encouraged by a group of settlers, Mathew Blagden Hale, the first Anglican Bishop of Perth, founded his Collegiate School on 28 June 1858. The little colony was less than 30 years old, with the small population of settlers experiencing considerable difficulties. The School operated under the Bishop’s proprietorship, unsupported by the Church, and began in temporary premises on the sandy track that became St Georges Terrace. After a short period they established in ‘The Cloisters’, a building that Bishop Hale had adapted for the specific purpose. It attracted a number of boarders and day boys who later became notable citizens. The state’s first Premier, John Forrest, was an early pupil, as was his brother Alexander, a Lord Mayor of Perth. Attorney-General, Stephen Henry Parker attended, along with many members of prominent early settler families, such as the Burges brothers from York. The very first enrolled student, Laurence Eliot, son of the Bunbury government administrator, arrived at the School after a three day and two night ride through the bush, accompanied by Bishop Hale.

Hale was widely seen a social and educational pioneer, noted for advocating the protection of Australia’s Aborigines.

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