Eva Burrows

Eva Burrows (1929 – 2015) Salvation Army leader
burrowsEvangeline Evelyn Burrows was born in New South Wales, worked in “just about every trouble spot on the globe” and went on to become the General (international leader) of the Salvation Army.

The eighth of nine children, Evangeline Evelyn Burrows was born in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, on September 15 1929 to Salvationist officer parents who named her after Evangeline Booth. As a girl she led a nomadic existence, moving around Australia as her parents followed the callings of their faith, and sharing the poverty of the people among whom they lived .

In later life she confessed that as a child she had sometimes hit out against her strict upbringing: “I went through a sort of rebellious stage in my teens ,” she recalled. “I refused to go to church with my parents, and I thought that the strict and disciplined life of the Salvation Army didn’t allow me to fly my own wings.”

Eva became the first member of her family to attend university, reading English and History at Queensland University, but while there she returned to the Salvation Army fold after attending an evangelical service and accepting an invitation to submit to the will of God. She attended the Salvation Army’s William Booth Memorial Training College in London, and was commissioned an officer in 1951. She served in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) as a teacher , became vice-principal in 1970, then principal, of the International College for Officers, and subsequently leader of the Salvation Army Women’s Social Services in Britain.
Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/11511366/General-Eva-Burrows-Salvation-Army-leader-obituary.html

Eva Burrows was interviewed by Robin Hughes on November 26, 1996
This program traces Eva Burrows’s rapid rise through the ranks of the Salvation Army to become its remarkably successful world leader. In the role of General she was a strong and effective administrator who nevertheless retained the warmth and humanity which earned her the popular title of “The People’s General”.

General Burrows’s experiences in just about every trouble spot on the globe and her meetings with world leaders are analysed here with exceptional intelligence and honesty. Her account of her life provides extraordinary insight into the opportunities afforded a talented person who makes a complete commitment to a cause. It also reveals the difficult personal choices that sometimes confront such a person.
Source: http://www.australianbiography.gov.au/subjects/burrows/bio.html

Refer also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eva_Burrows

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