Robert Garran

Robert Garran (1867 – 1957) barrister, public service head
garran1Robert Garran helped draft Australia’s Federal Constitution and was appointed the Secretary to the Attorney General’s dept on the 1 January 1901, becoming Australia’s first federal public servant, wrote this poem:
Help us build a nation,
A people proud and free –
Proud of our high vocation,
Humble, O Lord, to Thee.
Aflame with high endeavour,
Though many paths be trod,
Keep us united ever,
One people, serving God.

Sir Robert Garran, K.C.M.G., K.C., has accepted appointment as Chancellor of the Diocese of Goulburn in succession to the late Mr. F. A. A. Russell, M.A., K.C. Sir Robert was Solicitor-General to the Commonwealth from 1916 to 1932, when he retired. He is Chairman of the Canberra University College Council and occupies leading positions in the social, educational, literary, musical and sporting activities of the Australian Capital Territory. He has been a good friend of the Canberra Grammar School and is vice-chair-man of the School Council.

Sir Robert Randolph Garran GCMG KC (10 February 1867 – 11 January 1957) was an Australian lawyer and public servant, an early leading expert in Australian constitutional law, the first employee of the Government of Australia and the second Solicitor-General of Australia. Garran spent thirty-one years as permanent head of the Attorney-General’s Department, providing advice to ten different Prime Ministers (from Barton to Lyons). He played a significant behind-the-scenes role in the Australian federation movement, as adviser to Edmund Barton and chair of the Drafting Committee at the 1897–1898 Constitutional Convention.


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