The Inlander

The Inlander
inlandersThe Inlander – a quarterly magazine
The Inlanders – a documentary film

The Inlander – a quarterly magazine
The Inlander was the name of a quarterly magazine, first issued in December 1913, published by the Presbyterian Home Mission Board, with many issues were edited personally by John Flynn.

The Inlander : a quarterly magazine dealing with national interests from the outbacker’s point of view / edited by John Flynn.

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John Flynn’s associates
John Clifford Peel (1894 – 1918) aviator, visionary
Kingsley ‘Skipper’ Partridge (1892 – 1976) patrol padre, outback worker
Australian Inland Mission
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The Inlanders – the documentary film
The Inlanders was the name of a documentary made in 1949 by John Kingsford Smith for the Australian Inland Mission, follows patrolling minister Reverend KF ‘Skipper’ Partridge on his 8,690 kilometre journey into Australia’s remote communities to tend to the physical, spiritual and intellectual needs of the people.

John Flynn (1880 – 1951) Presbyterian minister

Other publications by John Flynn
Northern Territory and Central Australia: A call to the church
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