Wesley Mission

Wesley Mission
images Wesley Mission has its origins in the first Methodist Church established in Sydney in 1812. Wesley Mission has a real mission – to minister to a community with real needs. Our community includes the vulnerable and marginalised. It includes the lonely, hurt and fragile, the homeless, mentally ill, aged, disabled, unemployed. It includes the spiritually lost.

Wesley Mission  believes it takes love, faith, and commitment to engage actively in the lives of those around us. Our ministry is as diverse as the needs we face, so we shape our programs, church services, activities and people to support those in need effectively – wherever they are.
Source : http://www.wesleymission.org.au/About/?ct_from=n

Wesley Mission has its origins in the first Methodist Church established in Sydney in 1812. This church was renamed the “Central Methodist Mission” in the early 1880s, developing a unique “word and deed” ministry focussing on social justice and evangelism for the poor and needy of Sydney.  The Uniting Church was created in 1977 from a union of Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational Churches and the Central Methodist Mission then became Wesley Mission.
Source : http://www.wesleymission.org.au/About/Our_History/?ct_from=c

In 1885 a decision was made to build a new hall capable of seating 1,750 people. Alongside a vigorous evangelistic activity, a new work began, and within the next 20 years a seamen’s mission, a work among alcoholics, a home for waifs and strays, an evangelists’ training institute, a home for sisters of the poor, a home for destitute children, a medical institute for the treatment of inebriates, and a home for friendless and fallen girls, were all established.

Around the world throughout the British Empire, churches in large cities adopted this vigorous pattern of ministry to the needy centred round large preaching halls or theatres.

New life again came to the mission when the old Lyceum Theatre was burnt to the ground in 1964. By 1966, under the dynamic leadership of Rev Alan Walker (now Rev Dr Sir Alan Walker) a new Lyceum Theatre and Wesley Centre was opened, providing a great fellowship centre to cope with the loneliness of modern living.

In Australia’s unique Church-in-a-Theatre, the gospel message has been faithfully proclaimed every week. The membership of Wesley Mission has risen while homes, hospitals and agencies express its social concern.

In 1977, the Central Methodist Mission became part of the Uniting Church in Australia, and for the third time in its history changed its name. It them became Wesley Central Mission. In the same year a new superintendent was named, and Rev Gordon Moyes, came to carry on the work that had been so magnificently accomplished by earlier superintendents.

Since his coming, the work has expanded incredibly into more than eighty suburbs of Sydney where in more than 220 centres and services, the ministry of practical care for the needy is expressed.
Source : http://www.wesleymission.org.au/About/Our_History/church_with_three_names.asp#general_history

Dr Alan Walker lead the Wesley Mission for 20 years, from 1958 to 1978.   Refer : https://atributetoaustralianchristians.wordpress.com/2010/10/24/alan-walker/


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