Australian chaplains at war

Australian chaplains at war
Royal Australian Chaplains Reading List

John Bond, The army that went with the boys: a record of Salvation Army work with the Australian Imperial Force (Melbourne: [Salvation Army] National Headquarters, 1919). [Praise for the work of Salvation Army during the First World War, provision of amenities and refreshments appreciated, assistance with ambulance and hospital work described.]

Peter A. Davidson, Sky Pilot: a history of chaplaincy in the RAAF 1926-1990 (Canberra: Principal Chaplains Committee – Air Force, 1990). [Nominal roll and service record of RAAF chaplains, statistical summary, biographies, photographs, uniform, and rank. Service in Malaya after Japanese attacks and in the Middle East and Mediterranean described.]

Peter Dennis et al, Oxford companion to Australian military history (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1995): 512. [Brief informative history with statistics.]

Kenneth Henderson, Khaki and cassock (Melbourne: Melville & Mullen, 1919). [An anecdotal autobiographical account of Chaplain Kenneth Henderson of 12 Infantry Brigade and 1st ANZAC Corps Troops, France who served in military hospitals.]

Walter Hull, Salvos with the forces (Hawthorn, Vic: Citadel Press, 1995). [Describes work of Red Shield during Second World War in the army and air force and in the theatres of war, including Kokoda. Information about church parades, anecdotal inspirational stories, words of The soldiers prayer composed by a young Salvation Army bandsman are included.]

Tom Johnstone, The cross of Anzac: Australian Catholic service chaplains (Virginia Queensland: Church Archivists Press, 2000): 269-277. [Contains nominal rolls of chaplains who have served in the three Australian defence forces during war and in interwar periods, including peacekeeping operations, and who served on transport and hospital ships. Discusses commissioning of chaplains, RAAF and RAN and POW chaplains. Includes photos and name index.]

Michael McKernan, Australian churches at war: attitudes and activities of the major churches 1914-1918 (Sydney & Canberra: Catholic Theological Faculty and Australian War Memorial, 1980): 40-62 and 128-143. [Regulations for appointment, length of service, statistics, age range, personal motivations, role, lack of training, routine on board transports. Personal anecdotes, mental health problems, organisation of entertainments, activities and sports, attitudes of chaplains about men and of men about chaplains.]

Michael McKernan, Padre : Australian chaplains in Gallipoli and France (Sydney: George Allen & Unwin, 1986). [Contains excerpts from diaries and letters of many chaplains. Gives numbers of chaplains and comments on their uncertain role in the First World War.]

John Barrett, We were there: Australian soldiers of World War I tell their stories (Ringwood, Victoria: Viking, 1987): 325-330. [Chaplains allocated in direct proportion to numbers in each denomination. Value of chaplains assessed.] Source :

Rowan Strong, Chaplains of the Royal Australian Navy – 1912 to the Vietnam War

Michael Gladwin, Captains of the Soul: A History of Australian Army Chaplains see also Inspiring stories of Aussie Army Chaplains and their men wins 2015 Book of the Year Award :

Australian Chaplains in WW1

On this Tribute to Influential Australian Christians website:

Thomas Bennett (1879 – 1960) Gallipoli padre

David Garland (1864 – 1934) the architect of ANZAC day

Andrew Gillison (1868 – 1915 ) Gallipoli chaplain

Arthur Gullidge (1909 – 1942) Salvationist musician and soldier

Hector Harrison (1902 – 1978) army chaplain, Presbyterian minister, Salvation Army officer

Francis Hulme-Moir (1910 – 1979) Anglican clergyman, AMF chaplain-general

Edward McGrath (1887 – 1977) army chaplain

Fred McKay (1915 – 2000) air force chaplain, John Flynn’s successor

William McKenzie (1869 – 1947) Salvation Army officer and military chaplain

John Morgan (1909 – 2008) Australian Army, Chaplain General

Raymond John Noble  (1915 – 1964) Methodist Inland Missioner and Chaplain to Forces, 1937 – 1946

Francis Rolland (1878 – 1965) Associate of John Flynn


The Christian foundations of ANZAC Day

Soldiers of the Cross

The missionary martyrs of the Montevideo Maru

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