The Australian Mutual Provident Society (AMP)

The AMP was a new form of self-help, and it is not surprising that its founders and early directors were commonly evangelical Christians. Its historian, Geoffrey Blainey, has said that its Australia-wide impact has been ‘matched only by the major religious denominations’, one of those throw away lines which recognises what has not been chronicled elsewhere, the strength of religious influence on Australian social history.

Founded in 1849, AMP has played a substantial role in shaping modern Australia and New Zealand by helping millions of customers build financial security, providing protection for families and assets, and financing property and infrastructure projects.

Many of the early AMP directors were Christians.

John Fairfax (1805 – 1877) newspaper proprietor, philanthropist
A foundation director of the AMP

John Goodlet (1835 – 1914) Presbyterian philanthropist, timber merchant, manufacturer
A director and chairman of the AMP

Thomas Holt (1811 – 1888) wool merchant, financier and politician
Co-founder of the AMP

David Jones (1793 – 1873) general merchant, councillor, politician
A foundation director of the AMP

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