Charles Herschell

Charles Richard Herschell (1877 – 1962 ) film maker, president Aerial Medical Services
Charles Richard Herschell was an associate of John Flynn.  He was President of the Council of Victorian Section, Australian Aerial Medical Services, 1936-40 and represented Victorian Section at meeting to form Federal Council, 1936.

Charles Herschell was chairman of the Great Ocean Road Trust, which built the road to commemorate the services of those who served in the Great War.

Charles Herschell film producer and director
His films include
Spirit of Progress: Australia’s Wonder Train 1937
Through the Centre

also The history of the lyre bird

Do it Now: The Life of Charles Richard Herschell
Biography of Charles Richard Herschell by his grand-daughter Rosemary Simpson. Herschell founded a film Production studio of the same name.

Water for Mission
The Argus newspaper, Tuesday 10 April 1934
Pictures of Central Australia and other interesting films will be shown at a picture night on Wednesday at the Assembly Hall, Collins street arranged by Herschell’s Pty. Ltd for the appeal for water for the Hermannsburg Mission.  Mr R H Croll will speak.

R H Croll’s biography

The Herschell film studios – 31 Agnes Street Jolimont
In 1925 Charles Richard Herschell bought the building as the home for his film production company, Herschell’s Pty. Ltd. and it was then that he added the warehouse extension to the front of the Victorian building. Herschell’s produced mainly documentary film, specializing in newsreels. They made the documentary film that was taken overseas to sell Melbourne as the city for the 1956 Olympics, and during the Olympics themselves Herschell’s was a hive of activity as reporters from all around the world delivered their films for processing. Charles Herschell died in 1962 and the company was briefly taken over by some of its employees, but it did not survive the advent of television.

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John Flynn’s associates
Charles Herschell CBE; President, Council of Victorian Section, Australian Aerial Medical Services, 1936-40; represented Victorian Section at meeting to form Federal Council, 1936.
Above image : Herschell Cct (named after Charles Herschell) is a street in the Canberra suburb of Flynn.

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1 Response to Charles Herschell

  1. Karen Herschell says:

    None of this indicates any strong religious influence. Of course he was Christian, except for Jews, almost any white Australia born in the 19th century normally attended church, it was the social norm. Is this list just of Australians who were church members or is it supposed to indicate Australians of strong faith whose faith influenced them in their accomplishments and pushed them to contribute to society? If so, where is the religious connection for Mr. Herschell?

    btw, there is a Herschell Road off the Great Ocean Road, named after him.

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