Coledge Harland

Coledge Harland (1884  – 1963)  patrol padre, Australian Inland Mission
Coledge Harland – the man on the camel on Australia’s $20 polymer note.

Coledge Harland, patrol padre, traveled by camel, working for the Australian Inland Mission, out of Oodnadatta, South Australia.  From 1919 – 1923 he worked at the Australian Aerial Ambulance Service (later Royal Flying Doctor Service) base.

Scot’s Presbyterian Church Cranbourne
The Presbyterian faith was popularly held by the Cranbourne’s (Victoria) early settlers. The earliest landowning families, such as the Camerons and Pattersons were largely Presbyterians and readily supported the establishment of a church in their new town. Coledge Harland was the Reverend at Scot’s Presbyterian church during 1922 -1924.

Australia’s polymer $20 note
John Flynn is on the reverse with features of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia of a biplane de Havilland DH 50 victory supplied by Qantas, medical instruments, Coledge Harland (the man on the camel), who was a missionary to the inland people of Australia.

Coledge Harland
Patrol Padre, travelling by camel, Australian Inland Mission, Oodnadatta, South Australia; from 1919 – 1923 worked at Australian Aerial Ambulance Service (later Royal Flying Doctor Service) base.

Alison Scot’s story
Alison’s family connection to the Flying Doctor goes back to the days of the Australian Inland Mission (AIM) where her mother’s eldest sister was a nurse at Oodnadatta and another sister assisted her. Jean and Margaret Williamson were stationed at the remote town of Oodnadatta located 1,011 km north of Adelaide in the 1920s. Jean wrote letters to Alison’s family about the intense isolation and extreme conditions she faced as a bush nurse providing medical care to the pastoralists and Aboriginal communities of the area.

In 1921, Jean married the local AIM Padre, Coledge Harland. Family research has led Alison’s family to believe that Coledge is, in fact, the AIM Padre riding the camel on our $20 note! “I caught up with a family friend recently and we reminisced about how we both dreamed of being nurses with the AIM. I guess you could say the passion I feel for the Flying Doctor has always been there throughout my life, right from the very beginning!”

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