John Wilson

John W Wilson (1938 – 2011) pastor, theologian, teacher, author
In addition to his duties as a pastor, John W Wilson was an author and scholar, and a driving force behind Acorn Press as well as the Melbourne Anglican Foundation. He was chairman of Korowa Anglican Girls School Council for 16 years and his many other roles over the years ranged from chairman of the board of sponsors of Anglicare Dixon House in Clayton, to work with the Melbourne Anglican Foundation. At the foundation he helped raise funds especially for work among children, youth and families, as well as for hospital chaplaincies, and to assist refugees.

A voracious reader, he was also instrumental in setting up the Ridley College bookshop. With the Christian publishing business in decline in Australia, he set up Acorn Press to fill the void. Moreover, he was an instigator of the Australian Christian Book of the Year Awards.

More recently he had turned his energies to Islamic studies and published Christianity alongside Islam. A further work, The Old Testament on the Way to the Cross.

In 1993 he helped to bring the catholic Cursillo movement to Melbourne from the diocese of Gippsland, and for 10 years to 2003 he acted as the episcopal overseer of Melbourne Cursillo.

John W Wilson gave strong support overseas mission and aid programme, and was a member of the Federal Council of the Church Missionary Society of Australia. In 1989 he and Mrs Wilson were invited to spend a month in Tanzania by the Diocese of Central Tanganyika. In 2004 they were a part of a study team which spent a month in South India and in Sri Lanka, including the war-torn northern parts of the island.

Launch of the John W Wilson Publishing Fund : specifically

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  1. John was also notable for his sustained teaching in support of all ministries being open to women. He was also highly sensitive to racist attitudes and injustice, formed by both his biblical learning and experience while studying for his PhD in the USA.

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