Edward Halsey

Edward Halsey ( – ) Adventist baker
From a modest rented bakery in Northcote, Victoria, on 28 January 1898, Edward Halsey, a baker, created Sanitarium peanut butter.

When Edward Halsey arrived in Australia near the end of 1897, he brought with him the know how to make the Kellogg’s foods here. On January 28, 1898 he commenced making the first Australian made peanut butter.

It was produced by Sanitarium in a small Melbourne bakery in Northcote, Victoria. According to Halsey’s diary, the peanuts used in the first batch were shelled and skinned by hand. For his toil, he was paid the grand sum of $4 per week.

The Sanitarium Health Food Company moved to larger premises in Coorangbong, New South Wales, during 1898.

In late 1898, the fledgling company relocated to larger premises in Cooranbong, south of Newcastle in New South Wales.

Edward Halsey installed bake house equipment in a large building that had previously been a sawmill.

In 1900, Halsey transferred to New Zealand where he began making the first batches of Granola, Caramel Cereals (a coffee substitute) and bread in a small wooden shed in the Christchurch suburb of Papanui.

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Seventh-day Adventist Church :  Sanitarium Health Food Company

Over a century ago, in 1898, Adventist missionaries opened a small business in Melbourne, Australia, with the vision to help people ‘learn to stay well’ – the meaning of the word Sanitarium – by linking good diet with good health.

From a modest rented bakery, Edward Halsey, a baker, created Sanitarium peanut butter (Australia’s first) and ready-to-eat breakfast cereals like Granose (an unsweetened forerunner to Weet-Bix) and Granola (a cereal made from wheat, oats, maize and rye) which were unlike anything previously available.

Complete article :  http://adventist.org.au/about_adventists/history/adventism_in_the_south_pacific/australia/sanitarium_health_food_company

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  1. HI.
    Did Halsey make the first Weet-Bix in Australia or when he went to New Zealand in 1900?
    I am very interested in this as a follower of Kiwi/Aussie comaraderie.

    Grant Fountain

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